How to run Turbo c in windows 7 using Dosbox

You might have faced difficulty while running Turbo C in windows 7, it is because Turbo C is not compatible with  Windows 7, as it was with earlier versions of Windows like XP and Vista. Many students and programmers would have faced this difficulty to load Turbo c in windows 7, so in this post I am going to show you how to load Turbo c in Windows 7.
  • In order to load turbo c you need to have dosbox, which is an emulator that recreates a MS-DOS compatible environment. Dosbox is mainly used to run dos games and old applications. We will use it to run Turbo C in windows 7. Download Dosbox 0.74 and install it as you install any other software.
  • Now create a folder in c: drive of your windows and name it as "turbo" or any other that you feel easy and convenient, for convenience here we will take "turbo".
  • Now, copy TC folder that contains bin,source,lib etc or extract TC installer in folder that was created in c drive in previous step i.e in turbo folder.
  • Run Dosbox from start menu or from the desktop shortcut, this will load DOS emulator and prompt will display Z:\>.
  • You need to mount the folder that you had created in previous step. that is TC folder in turbo folder, write following commands to mount it.
    • Z:\> mount c c:\turbo
         You would get a message that drive c is mounted as local directory c:\turbo.
  • Now just type in few simple dos commands to load tc as mentioned below
    • c:
         This command will your present working drive from Z to C
    • c:\> cd tc/bin
    • c:\tc\bin:> tc
         Above commands will load Turbo C++ IDE from tc/bin folder.

Configure DosBox To automatically load C++ IDE in fullscreen

  • If you want TC to be loaded automatically from within DosBox when started, then perform following steps.

  • Load the DosBox configuration file from the explorer, path for configuration file may be C:\Program Files\DOSBox-0.74\DOSBox 0.74 Options.bat or load it from start menu "All Progrmas->DosBox-0.74->Options->DOSBox 0.74 Options"
  • File will open with default text editor and make follwing changes in the text file 
    • fullscreen=true
    • fulldouble=true
    • fullresolution=original
    • windowresolution=original
  • After making above changes scroll down to the bottom of the file that might be showing [autoexec]
  • After [autoexec] write following commands and save it to automatically load TC IDE
    • mount c c:\turbo
    • c:
    • cd tc/bin
    • tc
  • Now whenever you will load DosBox it will automatically load TC in fullscreen


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